Where to begin!?

First of all I would like to thank all the guests, and especially my dear clients some of which I have been dressing from day one and others as from this year, for showing up in great numbers. Almost everyone who RSVP-ed come to see the show at the Art District. The place was fully packed and what a difference compared to 5 years ago. We have come a long way together. The event and the lead-up has been an indescribable experience, even though I was working behind the scene all morning, I really felt joyful throughout day.

The theme of the show was “Assembly of Contrasts”. A mix of items where seen on the catwalk. I tried to give you an idea of what possibilities there are concerning the collection; different cuts, colors, prints, fabrics and hand woven items. Because Miss Marmelstein consists of bespoke and made to measure items, the entire collection is almost endless. In my speech I mentioned how I came about this collection. After my short break to the Middle East inspiration was set and many countless hours where put in to finalize each item which were showed on Sunday. The next event is already bubbling in my head but first I am going te enjoy Sundays buzz for the weeks to come. To be honest, the future is exciting and sometimes scary too but I will do my best to keep on dressing and designing for my clients as long as they are happy with my creations and styling advise. For the years to come, I very much wish to be able to grow my brand and company, reach a bigger audience with visits to the Studio or with a few more boutiques selling Miss Marmelstein. The desire to dress more lovely women, making them feel confident and prettier in my made to measure designs and who knows, maybe our Queen Maxima one day, is ever present!

Secondly I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mare Bohland, owner of the gallery Art District, for granting the use of her fantastic gallery as the backdrop for the venue, my 5-year anniversary gathering. You must admit that she showcases some great national and international artists. Thank you to her colleague Gerda, who assisted the entire team when coming to visit the gallery upon the 10th of March.

In the proses of making this event possible, I have been so fortunate to receive the help of my close friends; Kris who led the whole project and made sure we kept rolling, Martijn and assistants who looked after the guests with a genuine friendly smile, Adé and Big Bunty who made the collection come alive on camera as true standing and fashion week photographers do, Melanie for helping me style the models with her professional eye, Sunny taking charge of the runway choreography, Eva, whom I unfortunately forgot to mention during my speech, making sure the ends where in place, Joyce for being so ever supportive and last but not least my sister Irena having the girls look stunning with her natural make-up skills.

And then we have the models, Cindy who is the face of my new campaign, Mical, Ghislaine, Rose, Cassie, Jadith, Amarins, Marrins and Melissa, they did such a magnificent job overcoming any stage fright. Some models like Cindy and Mical are very experienced, others young and happy to have the chance to add images to their portfolio. So there was a nice divers group of girls, a couple of which Wietske, my former intern, had gathered from Friesland. And of course a thank you to the younger models family’s who made sure to bring the girls safely to Amsterdam and back. It was so nice and a real pleasure working with all of you.

Lastly, I would like to give a shout out to Black & Bianco for their tasty prosecco and wines! And I must not forget staff members, Arjan en Jan of the WoonMall security, who took good care of us and our belongings backstage!

Thank you all for your support over the years and on Sunday. Please do keep spreading the word.

Lots of love,

Emilie Marmelstein